Our good friend Jackie was in Columbus passing through, we couldn't let her get this close and not see her.
Funny as excited as I was, it was a really relaxing drive up, we were in the middle of Ohio with nothing but two iPhones, our wits and an occasional cow.
Ms 5chw4r7z did most of the driving, she was worried about my Fast making an appearance and doesn't enjoy 75 mph blasts down backroads.

C-Bus trip
C-Bus trip

crows and windmills. Ms 5chw4r7z is amazed we're this far off RT71 and haven't left the state.
C-Bus tripC-Bus trip

Can anyone see this and not turn in for a Big N' Tasty?
Trick question!
Can you feel air and not breathe?
C-Bus trip

am I the only person geeky enough to get excited over a cell tower?
how about if its the first one we've seen in hours minutes?

[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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