Parker Flats Friday

got some good news and some bad news

Parker Flats Oct 3 2008

Bad news first?
I no longer live at Parker Flats.
the good news.
I live at THE AWARD WINNING Parker Flats.

Parker Flats recieved a Jurors' Special Mention award from the American Institute of Architects, Cincinnati Chapter.
Parker Flats, designed by PDT Design, was honored with Juror's Special Mention at the first annual CORA Residential Design Awards. The Congress of Residential Architecture and AIA Cincinnati recognized the project as excellence in residential design.

Parker Flats Oct 30 2008
Parker Flats Dec 30 2008
[where:Parker Flats, 353 W. Fourth St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown condo parker flats


  1. Dude! You live right next to my work. I see you!

  2. will the penthouse every be completed, or is that just an albatross/victim of the economy?

  3. Last fall I heard one was sold, but there hasn't been much work done up there so I'm assuming that fell through, I bet they just work on it as they get money unless they sell.

  4. You freaked me out, I thought I lost a neighbor!

  5. they should scrap the penthouses and turn them into a residence green house/lounge/patio/party rooms.