No Stranger Than Home @Fringe

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A one woman show, more of a spoken essay than a play or theatrical production, it reminds me of a few well traveled friends I have, sitting around and telling stories.
Culture shock and misunderstandings are the main focus of the stories as you could imagine, they ranged from funny to deeply personal, some which couldn't have been easy to share.
The common theme, people asking "do you miss home" or "how is this different from home" and her question, what is home, her divorced parents couldn't have been more different, a hippy mom in St Paul and a conservative father in the SF Bay area.
From trying to teach English using family trees to kids from the Sudan who have 3 mothers, 30 odd siblings and pairs of grandparents to the odd witch doctor remedies for a twisted ankle, Katherine has lived, survived more than a few crazy situations.
Art Academy OTR
Art Academy OTR
[where:1120 jackson st cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown theater fringe festival

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