Body Language II: PHYS. ED @Fringe

Body Language II

Body Language's stated goal was an exploration of how we come to view our bodies in the dreaded landscape of gym class.
A lofty goal indeed which they fell a little short.
Not that they didn't try but I think they were ambitious and the cast too large seemingly trying to encompass every possible high school stereotype.
When it was good, such as the rare moments when the drama teacher was on stage, it was really good.
But when it was bad, the times they stooped to lecturing....... it was painful to watch.
The cool part, the play is set in a gym so they show it, in a gym!
The uncool part? if you aren't in the front row and/or 7' tall you aren't going to see much, and the cavernous gymnasium swallows the show up.
And spits nothing out.
I would say if you are only seeing one show this Fringe, this shouldn't be it, but if you have a multi-show pass, its worth checking out, but its one of the shows running over an hour and is set, at the YWCA about 4 blocks from the Know, leave yourself time if seeing another show afterwards.
Body Language II
[where:1120 jackson street cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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