Empire of feathers @Fringe

Art Academy OTR

OK, Fringe is all over now, so this review does you absolutely no good, but Empire blew my mind.
OK not hard to do I know but still, a very ambitious undertaking that they totaly nailed.
What was it about? That would require watching the whole play.
You know those dreams, where totally mundane activities happen, but under and followed by the most bizarre circumstances? take that and mix it up with Lost with a touch of Rose Bud and you wouldn't be far off.
A world war between the Mondos and the Natzers, fueled by the powerful Manhatten family profiting off it.
The newest heir, Archibald, negotiates an end to the war that has lasted 400 yrs. everyone resists this new found peace as Archibald strikes out for adventure.
You thought it was weird up til now it only gets more confusing as the play progresses and they come across and save the life of Rifle, a born killing machine and also a Natzer.
In the hands of someone lesser, this could have been a disaster but Messrs Seiriol Davies, Karim Muasher and Ryan Underbakke pull off the, ah, unpullable? These guys are going places, by far the most talented actors at Fringe.
Empire of feathers

From what I've heard this was the best year attendance wise for Fringe.
But not only that, the really bad shows were absent this year, I didn't hear anything bad about any a single one, so imagine pulling that off, 31 incredible, life altering, water cooler talking, coffee shop stopping shows.
Plus visual fringe movie screenings, fine art, the mural painted on the Know Theater over the length of Fringe and it adds up to an incredible two weeks to be a Cincinnatian.
Thank you guys and here's to next year![where:1120 jackson st cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio finge Festival know theatre cincinnati ohio otr over rhine jackson street underground

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  1. This was my pick of the Fringe. Glad you liked it too and glad you like Fringe. Next year will be here sooner than you think.