OTR/Gateway Summer Celebration

Segways in OTR

Last Final Friday, two weeks ago now, wheres the time go, walking around OTR having a blast, tons of people out, and then the next day some condo tours, just marveling and taking in the amount of people out enjoying the nice weekend.
Walking in and out of stores and tweeting about it and then I got this reply;
OTR is bad tweet

This is what everyone, retailers, entertainers and home builders are fighting against. I guess I don't notice because I'm always looking for the next big thing, I love the new and unexpected and what I always call The Story.
So you went to the mall and bought a shirt. YAWN how exciting for you.
BUT instead, how about,
WOW, I found this cool shirt at this quirky little shop in the Q, then bought some plants next door, and got this cool patio set across the street!
Man you can walk to all kinds of cool there.
We even sat on a rooftop having cocktails and lunch!

Now that's a story!

So now, if you want the new, the unexpected, The Story get to 12th and Vine June 20th and see what all the scuttlebutt is about.
Bands, food and drink vendors, and some local artists.
Click on the icon below for more details.
Don't be skeer'd, be surprised.
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  1. so.....? when will you be crowned mayor of otr/4thst/downtown?

  2. maybe June 20th?
    show up and find out.

  3. i have friends that live in suburbia that can't believe i'd ever go in to OTR. even with all the stuff that's new, they won't believe it. and they will never come down to see for themselves. oh, and they're natives to the region. go figure.

  4. I'm not surprised Drew, it seems like the natives are the most resistant, its the imports that love Cincinnati and everything it has to offer the most.

  5. According to our all knowing/repub Ham Co. prosecutor....Joey Deters,
    he'd never let his kids party on Main Street or in the OTR.

    OTR RULEZ!!!!

    - bill walton

  6. I'm working on a post about it right now. It was hella fun! Yes, I said "hella"...so what?