triple bottom line and the coolest places in Cincinnati


This is a post I've been meaning to write for a long time, what makes some of the coolest places in Cincinnati, the coolest places in Cincinnati?
triple bottom line.
Triple bottom line is a business or organization that accounts for financial as well as social and environmental bottom lines - people, planet, profit.
A business is started to make money, without that there's no sustainability. There is a focus on the community and community building and also a priority of walking/biking over driving and other activities aimed at making the world a better, greener place.
Now there are many examples in Cincinnati, but my favorite, by far, and I think I can speak for others is Park+Vine.
We all witnessed this earlier in the month when the place was flooded with flowers for Dan's birthday. Park+Vine has turned into one of those gems without which, I don't think The Q would be the same.

Park+Vine[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown coast streetcar locavore green local store sustainable

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