Place Matters, Price Hill

I always thought, give money to United Way, they give it to needy families.
Yes, they do that, but did you know they do even more?
I didn't until now. The United way has reached out to local bloggers to help spread the word in their latest fund drive, Live United.
So I'm going to talk about some good they are doing in the city that directly addresses what I care about.
Cincinnati, the city itself, if only a small part of it, East Price Hill.
I have to admit, I know nothing about Price Hill, except, well there it is west of downtown. One thing I was surprised about, the number of parks and schools in just the small area we covered, what an incredible asset to Price Hill.

Place Matters in addition to moneys from United Way and other partners has gotten over a million dollars in stimulus money, putting people to work and improving the area itself. Their three main goals are;

  • stabilize the housing market
  • promote business districts
  • support youth and early childhood development

Ken Smith of Place Matters gave us a small tour of the positive change they are having in and around the St Lawrence/Warsaw intersection area.
Price Hill Will
Price Hill Will

They decided, in order to get the most bang for their buck, instead of buying and rehabbing a house here, and one there that they would pinpoint troubled blocks with a number of distressed properties and rehab those.
Price Hill Will

One block we were shown at one time had 3 houses right in the middle of the block in foreclosure. I don't know what they looked like back then, but the houses as they stand now are beautiful and the whole block looks really nice.
Price Hill Will
Price Hill Will
Price Hill Will

So there you go, your United Way donations help not only individuals, but whole neighborhoods.
What better way to Live United than to help whole neighborhoods?
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  1. Glad you got to see some of the charms of the west side. It's a great choice for people who don't really want to be IN the city but don't want to move to suburbia. We're minutes away from downtown, Newport on the Levee, I 75 and I 71. Of all the places I've lived in Cincinnati, Price Hill is by far my favorite.

  2. Great photos! I passed this on to my parents who have Price Hill ties :)

  3. Some beautiful old homes in Price Hill. I went on a tour of historical homes there when I lived in Covedale. Some amazing architecture. Glad that Place Matters is helping save some of it.

  4. Both of houses that you photographed are on my street. Can you tell me what block you were referring to when you mentioned the 3 foreclosures?

    Thanks. Charlie (Beech Ave Block Club Co Caption)

  5. Charlie, all the houses on the block looked like this, and this is one of the ones they rehabbed.
    It was south of St Lawrence, man I don't know the area, it almost had to be Seton, but I'm guessing.
    There were 2 next door to each other and one across the street.