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During his whirlwind downtown tour, Chuck swung by Sunday to check out the famous tweetdeck, and taste some beers.

Labor Day beer tasting
Labor Day beer tasting

First up was the Heavy Seas Prosit! – Imperial Octoberfest Beer which I almost bought at Party source and after drinking some of this, wished I did.
Labor Day beer tasting

After that Chuck pulled out the Uber Sun, Summer Wheat. You know, I don't chase wheat beers, not really my thing but I was on this trip for the long haul so...
You know what? I would say the Uber Sun is a wheat beer for people who don't like wheat beers, I really liked this one.
Labor Day beer tasting
Labor Day beer tasting

What do you call that instant, the instant the beer hits the bottom of the glass and sloshes across and back?
If it doesn't have a name I'll call it a gallop.(soft a hard o)
So chuck pours this beer into the glass, gallop-gallop and stops.
We stare, our eyes and mouths pop open and then since we've been drinking awhile, all Kennedy-like we exclaim, WOW!!
Haven't seen a food or drink product that color red since last Halloween. Chuck starts laughing "I don't know what I was expecting but that wasn't it!"
Aside from the gimmicky color, no real compelling reason to buy this beer, tasted like, well, colored beer.
Labor Day beer tasting
Labor Day beer tasting
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  1. Great beer's Bob, look nice. Yeah, Chuck is the man (so is Peanut @ the Dilly).