MPMF.09 day 2

I'm trying way too hard here, one of those the harder I try the behinder I get.
My goal has been to see bands from out of town that I'd never get to see otherwise but that's just not working. So I gave up, we hit The heartless bastards who put on an incredible show, but what else can I saw about them? Everyone in Cincinnati knows and loves there, for good reason, these guys rock and Grammer's was bursting at the seams while they played.

MPMF 2009
MPMF 2009
MPMF 2009

Theres no way I'm rushing anywhere else for a late or non-existant band so we made our way down Main St, totally forgot it was Final Friday, what a scene, I love the people and energy in OTR during Final Fridays, whats it gonna be like when its like this every weekend?
Crazy, that's what its gonna be like.
But Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar what is that all about a gimmicky name? Well, these guys, all incredible musicians I thought were just having a jam session but after about 5 minutes it all started making some kind of wierd sense, and I really got into it.
MPMF 2009
MPMF 2009

And a downpour of biblical proportions! Wow did anyone else get caught up in this?
I watched the Pomegranates while absolutely soaked to my skin, but it was worth it in the jam packed Know Theatre. Same thing, everyone has seen them, everyone loves them.
Watching the bastards and Poms is too much like going somewhere exotic and eating at McDonalds, these bands are safe, you know you're gonna love em, but to me MidPoint was always about seeing something new.
Guess we'll see what happens tonight.
MPMF 2009

Tonight we're gonna plop down and sit tight in just one or two places and try and wring some value out of this yet.[where: 45202]
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