my tweeps rock the hardest

Invariably, probably when its a slow news day, the NY Times will run a story about everything that's wrong with twitter.
Who cares what celebrities are eating for lunch, 40% of people who sign up never tweet, blah blah blah.
You know, why follow celebrities? they're already famous so what does it prove that they have a million followers?
Follow some local people, someone who will engage and interact with you. That's where the value of twitter is and that's where I found it Saturday night at Oktoberfest bouncing from one group of tweeps to the next.
And the value for me, that and the fact the the very nature of why they're on twitter is they're hungry for adventure and new experiences, just like me.
That's the real value of twitter.
So thanks guys for having a beer with the 5chw4r7z.

Oktoberfest Cincinnati
Oktoberfest Cincinnati
Oktoberfest Cincinnati

After bailing on Alex, Ben and Mandy I found the Nomerati and as the fest wound down we made our way back to the tweetdeck, but never made it.
As we passed Local 127, she looked in and Steven the head cook came running out and drug us back in. Then they wouldn't let us leave, bottles of wine were opened, cookies ate. We were their very first customer, and the very last one for that week. I know, I know, that and a $1.95 will get us a coffee at Starbucks, but its still cool. Can't say enough about everyone there. A class act. I hope, and I think they'll do pretty good.
Oktoberfest Cincinnati
Oktoberfest CincinnatiOktoberfest Cincinnati

I haven't found too many places lately worthy of a loo shot, so here you go.
Local 127

[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. Great pics again Bob! Tonite 730pm Age of Stupid Premiere at Deerfield Township & Showcase Cinemas @ 730pm... I tihkn you will enjoy its a ONE night only gig

    Eric w/Green Drinks Mason

  2. wait twitter?? That's so 2008. Now it's all about augmented reality on mobile devices....


  3. I've been reading more and more about that, looks promising and sounds awesome.

  4. I admire a post that starts out with Elvis Costello and ends with Steppenwolf :-0

  5. If you havnt heard- Local 127 is giving all Veterans a free dinner next week to thank them for their service. I hope every vet gets out there! They are doing it all week!