Brew Haha

Anyone else hit this up?
They got a little greedier this year over last, $5 for a wrist band and then you hand to purchase tickets after that.
And I swear the samples were smaller.
But bonus time, right around wicked-thirty I ran into Michelle and Kevin from My Wine Education and enjoyed some beer/wine/food conversation as we drank.
One word really jumped out as Michelle described one of the beers she liked.
yeah, thats what I thought until the end of the night and I had tried all the interesting beers and it was the only one left, yep the Hocking Hills HefeWeizen.
I was shocked to find, at least to my malt addled mind that it was good.
Sweet and bananas.

Brew HaHaBrew HaHaBrew HaHa
On the subject of getting beat up; "tears are your body's way of releasing self esteem back into the atmosphere"
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  1. I went on Saturday night. I too thought it was a little steep. I did find a beer that I loved- It was called Troegs Hop Back. It had a grapefruit taste to it, which I thought was really weird but incredibly good.

    I saw the Saturday night headliner from Last Comic Standing and he bombed horribly. On the bright side I had the Cooking With Caitlin Chorizo Burger- awesome.

  2. Agreed, the guys are the small stages were really good, but that headliner sucked Saturday night.
    Ms 5chw4r7z had the Chorizo Burger also and really liked it.
    i had pizza disappointing but cheap.

  3. Banana flavored esters are a common by product of using Belgian yeasts, and can be especially strong when you brew using Belgian yeast and wheat malts. Some love em, some hate em, and often brewers have to be very careful to avoid that flavor because it can be overpowering... As a lover of Belgian beer, I can certainly dig em in certain styles of beer, but I'm not sure I would aprreciate that flavor in a wheat beer (most wheat beer brewers try to avoid that particular flavor)

    Sounds like it was fun, but I have an unnatural fear of Pauly Shore ;)

  4. Oh, and getbackcincy, grapefruit flavors commonly come from certain varieties of American hops (notable some strains of Oregon and California hops). Those hops can bring a grapefruit or even a pineapple flavor to the beer if they are used at certain stages of the brewing. If you like those, try dogfish head 60 minute IPA, Hop Slam. For a more subtle bit of that grapefruit taste, try siera nevada harvest ale (especially if its being served on draft)