Tazza Mia downtown

Our summer long quest for a Saturday and occasional Sunday breakfast spot has finally come to a close. With the opening of Tazza Mia downtown it fits all our criteria, walking distance, pastries and most importantly COFFEE!!
The place just feels like its been there forever and Bob, the barista and owner is just the friendliest person around.
And of course they serve Jean-Fran├žois's Belgium waffles. Has Jean-Fran├žois taken over the city yet? I think so, hes one step behind Jean-Robert.
I don't think Taza Mia will have any problems at all in this spot, no sir, they're gonna be printing money.
We saw a couple OTRians who had to of walked past the Coffee Emporium to get there, so obviously we aren't the only ones thinking this is the spot.
I'm almost dreading blogging this, if I can't find a spot to sit next Saturday, I'll be kicking myself.

Taza MiaTaza MiaTaza MiaTaza MiaTaza Mia
Its better than McDonalds!
Taza MiaTaza Mia[where:441 Vine St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown

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  1. Check out the link to your article on Tazza Mia's new Facebook fan page!