In one fell swoop the Republicans have rendered the Democrats irrelevant

You want someone outside of Washington politics as usual? I don’t think it’s an old rich white guy who’s been in Washington for 35yrs! Can’t get farther from Washington politics than Alaska. If you do press the fact that Biden is an outsider, it would explain the fact he's accomplished nothing while in office except for not embarrassing himself.

You want experience? Say what you want, Palin is the only one of the four candidates who's actually run anything. Senators talk for a living, governors make trains run on time, if you will.

Experience. BAH! Bush had four years experience as a President before he started his second term. How do you rate that?

Hillary’s supporters aren’t happy with Obama, here’s their candidate.

Palin fought corruption and business as usual, stood up to big oil. She's an executive, smart, tough, principled, and very decent. People (or the media) put much weight on approval ratings these days, Palin's ratings are off the chart.

Palin is an old school fiscal conservative, exactly what is needed right now with Pelosi and her Democrats spending our money like drunken sailors in port for the weekend.

Micheal Moore always complained that the Republicans don't send their own children to war. Guess what, McCain and Palin both have sons in Iraq (McCain's son may be in Afghanistan, can't remember).

Shes fired a machine gun, how cool is that?

You want change? Republicans got change BABY!

We can do it!



  1. I know you're a Republican, but this post is just outrageous. 2 years of executive experience where she still hasn't had to run for reelection...and she is currently being investigated on ethics charges by the Alaskan State Legislature.

    I personally find judgment more important than experience, but there is no way you can make the case that Palin has the experience to step in and be president if McCain's already troubled 72 year old heart decides to falter. She will be owned by Biden in the VP McCain will be owned in the Presidential debates.

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  3. AH YES, judgment, like when Obama bought a house in a shady deal from a convicted felon, that kind of judgment?
    Or the judgment when he made his stand against the surge saying it was reckless and would never work?
    Not a good track record on judgment.

  4. Old school fiscal republican? Ok, maybe. But moreso, nutty right wing social conservative. Anti-abortion rights, anti-gay marraige, and wants to teach creationism in public schools. No thank you.

  5. yeah but nutty old school conservative vs. nutty socialist.
    believe it or not I was wavering until McCain brought her on board.
    No brainer for me now.
    Its only nutty if you don't like it.

  6. But no one really wants her to be president...

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  8. Bob, Sorry but this is just irresponsible,

    This guy got it right...

    John McCain needs what Kinky Friedman calls "a checkup from the neck up."

    "For a man who is 72 years old and has had four bouts with cancer to have chosen someone so completely unqualified to become president is shockingly irresponsible."

  9. Palin is hardly a substitute for Hillary Clinton.
    Her ethics violation is pretty much nothing but it would be something if she did it as a VP. Ask Gonzalez about firing people without just cause.
    She seems to try to balance conservancy with exploitation of natural resources which is fairly refreshing compared to the slash & burner v treehugger nonsense we usually hear.
    And she actually raised taxes on big oil companies and the world didn't end. Wonder what my congressman thinks of that ?

  10. Pelosi et al. are definitely NOT spending money like drunken sailors. You see, drunken sailors spend THEIR OWN money.

    I'd rather see Palin at the top of the ticket. She's done better than stand reelection, she ousted a sitting governor of her own party simply because it was the right thing to do. Commanding a city and then the largest (geographically) state in the union is certainly more experience than Obama, Biden and McCain, who have only ever commanded a podium.

    Plus, this country's biggest problem is currently oil. And she blows them all away on that issue too.

    I wish McCain a long life... but if he happens to pull a Redd Foxx and suffer "the big one" the country will be in better hands.

    This is definitely a game changing hail-mary play in the final quarter of the game. It's also a testimony to the sad state of politics in this country that both Democrats and Republicans had to reach so deeply into their benches to field a winning team.

    I'm changing my vote from Barr/none of the above to McCain/Palin.

  11. Didn't Palin fake a pregnancy to cover for her daughter?

  12. I think the fact that McCain only met her ONCE, and didn't vet her speaks to how un-serious his pick is. I mean she seems interesting, smart etc.., but probably has no idea what a Pashtun is and is on the record as NOT supporting the "surge". This is definitely a Hail Mary pass, and I am afraid it reflects poorly on McCain because it show how reckless he is in making his decisions. I mean I just saw a Youtube video about the Troopergate, and it seems pretty serious abuse of power and lying on her part. Did McCain even look into this stuff about her not even being pregnant? Hope he did for his own sake...

  13. What has Biden accomplished in 35 yrs?
    What has Obama accomplished in 8yrs as a state senator and 2 as a US senator?

    Aren't the Democrats preaching change and a turn away from politics as usual? Or are the Democrats the only ones allowed to do that?

  14. I love that Sarah Palin fought corruption, has 5 kids, is an avid reader, was mayor of a town of 6,000 people etc etc. I can certainly appreciate that she is not a Rovian Republican, and that she could represent where the future of the GOP should go.

    She may be great. I just think that her choice, and they way and reason she was chosen speaks very poorly of McCain. He doesn't even know her. He met her once, for an hour at the governor's convention. He hasn't vetted her. She was chosen because she had the right positions, was a young woman, and a reformer. With Russia on the march, Iran getting nukes, and a fragile Iraq, should a 72 yr old cancer survivor be so reckless, to put some one he doesn't even know that close to having her finger on the button?

    You ask about Biden. Well, lets see, he's been in every war zone over the past 20 years. He knows the players personally in many cases. He's a foreign policy expert.

    As a city lover, consider this. McCain's platform ignores Cites. Palin was born in rural Oregon, went to the same college as Sen Craig, and has lived in a tiny town most of her life. She is pro oil, pro car, anti rail, anti evolution. No thanks.

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  16. LOL, Obviously you have drunk the Republican Kool Aid Bob. I would actually be/vote conservative IF the republicans WERE conservative. The only Repubs who get prosper are the rich, the rest of you are pawns. "How many houses do I own, humm, not sure I'll have my staff get back to you"

    Bottom line is the Repubs who claim to be more moral aren't, do I need to remind you of the past Repub scandals? Nor are they fiscally conservative, Bush managed to take the 400 bil surplus Clinton left and turn it into a 4tril deficit AND ruin the economy. They aren't good at foreign policy, Bushies took the US from a world leader and well respected to the point of being despised and hated to the point that American students going abroad sew Canadian flags to their backpacks! He even invaded the wrong country! Worst of all he is gutting the constitution and in my eyes he should hang for it. "WORST PRESIDENT EVER"

    Obama is actually closer to Reaganomics, the last hint of what the Repubs claim to be than McBush is. (This is the perception not true by the way, Ronnie rewarded his rich buddies big time) Personally I am a card carrying Libertarian, smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom. I believe if people read our history and actually thought about it rather than rushing to one side or the other they would discover that they are too. I would vote for Bozo the Clown over McBush and the Repubs. Obama looks a little like Bozo AND has fresh ideas, he looks like the lesser of the evils, so he gets my vote.

  17. The Dean of Cincinnati



    Obama is the complete opposite of Reagan.
    Reagan hated taxes and government and wanted and worked to reduce both.
    Obama is on record wanting to increase taxes and increase people's dependence on government.

    As for scandals, that goes with the territory, show me one politician who doesn't have a skeleton in the closet.

    I still want someone to tell me 1 piece of legislation each that Obama and Biden have accomplished.