Everyone's Famous! Blogger-Bash

Everyone's Famous! Blogger-Bash

“On the web, everyone will be famous for fifteen people.”
-Some blogger (David Weinberger)

Cincinnati's blogging scene is one of the most lively and diverse in the US. Now, some of the most visible bloggers in the 513 (and 859) are coming together for the most connected party of them all: Everyone's Famous! Blogger Bash 2008.

On September 10, bloggers from across the Greater Cincinnati area will gather at downtown's pop culture epicenter, AVS Art Gallery, to meet, mingle, and try to communicate without hyperlinks for a few hours. From food and wine enthusiasts to the urbanist crowd and the green bunch, all will congregate to bring their online rapport and banter into “meatspace”. And oh yes, it will be blogged.

Fun, Food, Beer
September 10th 2008
7 - 11 pm
AVSArt Gallery 315 West Fourth St.
downtown Cincinnati

Everyones Famous! Blogger Bash information


Parker Flats3CDC

Boss Cox
[where:315 West Fourth St. cincinnati, ohio 45202]

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