Extreme eating adventures are not for everyone

I always hate it when a movie reviewer for say the movie Star Trek starts out by saying, I hate science fiction but...
Now I'm going to do it, some people have accused me of being a picky eater, but I wanted to be open minded a give this a try because my friends were so excited about it. They really love the food, I liked a little bit of it but I guess for me it was the texture of everything I couldn't get over. Anything that looks the least bit squishy to me I have a hard time with. Give me extra crunchy french fries or yank the toast out of the toaster just before it burst into flames and I'm good to go.

Little EthiopiaLittle EthiopiaLittle Ethiopia

Now Hold the Nuts. I totally lost my mind and got a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts. If you're at Plainfield and Montgomery, its good stuff.
Hold the NutsHold the NutsHold the Nuts[where:4116 Plainville Rd, Cincinnati 45227]

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  1. Looks like they may have many vegetarian items, am I correct? I'll need to look into that place.