is this a great city or what?


Do you ever get stares or comments from the staff when you take photos of the place and the food? I know some places I have worked would have freaked. geez.. Frisch's was paranoid that people would steal the recipes and techniques. Come on..."

Well you know what Mike, I get the whole range of emotions from servers. I bet most people wonder about this, eye rolls, smiles and astonishment. The best was the poor guy at Olives, when he asked if we were critics and we said yes, he sprang to attention and was the model of the perfect waiter from then on.
Carew Tower

I love Cincinnati, and all it has to offer, and your blog reinforces that.

Thanks Melissa, me too!

A year ago... the Lehamn girls were in town, and they'll be back today. YEAH!
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