Ms 5chw4r7z's birthday on the otherside of Fountain Square

after Palimino's it was McCormick & Schmick's for apple pie and a side of cinnamon ice cream, the go to desert for special occasions.
We sat outside, last night had to be the most perfect evening for it.

fountain squarefountain squarefountain squareMcCormick & Schmick'sMcCormick & Schmick's

We were on a twitter kick last week over organic beer, so when the waitress mentioned Great Lakes Grassroots Ale, I had to try it. Despite photographic evidence, this shit was totally undrinkable.
Think walking out in a meadow, grabbing a handfull of grass and chewing on it.
Yeah, nasty.
McCormick & Schmick'sfountain square

A friend of ours, Amy made these awesome button bracelets for me to give to Ms. 5chw4r7z, as you can see, they were a huge hit.
If you want something a little different send her a DM.
Ms %chw4r7z bday present
[where:21 E 5th St Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. The next to last picture would be great to see in motion.
    That said, the mounted cop on the right looks like he is posing for a remake of The End of the Trail.

  2. 1. McCormick and Schmick's desserts are fantabulous.


    I love them :)

  3. After she saw yours she never stopped talking about them, so I had to get them for her.