Naked Karate Girls!

yes, naked. karate. girls!
Taking over Sawyer Point.
except they weren't naked
or even girls
but they did put on a good show, unfortunately they were a cover band and did mostly 80s tunes.
fortunately they had so much fun doing it, I could over look the crappy music and enjoy it.

Naked Karate GirlsNaked Karate GirlsNaked Karate Girls

???? I got nuttin
Naked Karate GirlsNaked Karate Girls

everyone else was at Party at the Point, why weren't you?
Naked Karate Girls
[where:Pete Rose Way Cincinnati, OH 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. yeah...not bad for a cover band...but for GREAT local Cincinnati Music...check out these guys!

  2. Fifth picture down - I swear that's Shawn Mummert is you take away the wig and the wedding ring. Those are his sideburns!!! Looks like y'all had fun...

  3. These guys do original music too but Cincinnati is too lame to want to support original music. I know they tour all over the country though. I also hear that record companies have been asking about them too.

  4. That would have totally rocked, if they can pull off the covers they were doing, I bet their stuff is kicks ass.