Sex, Dreams and Self Control @Fringe

A semi autobiographical coming of age story set in Southern Indiana, Kevin Thorton's spoken and musical performance at the Coffee Emporium was well received last night to a pretty good crowd. At a hour and a half I was worried about it really dragging but once he got on a roll it went fast.
Thorton's performance was relatively fast paced, and the times it did slow down it never dragged. The recurring dream revolving around the spider with a "raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second hand store" which for some reason didn't even hit me until the end, a Prince reference, DOH!
Why does it seem like some of the best performers were raised in the strictest or most repressed religious households? There's a whole other story right there
The one caveat, maybe the Coffee Emporium isn't the greatest location to see a play, its definitely not the worst by a long shot, but those seats were getting hard and uncomfortable by the end of the night.
Still lots of time to see this one if you want a good laugh!

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com'on, no need to insult me, I know this isn't Jazz!
lucky for me it said nothing about twitter!!!
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