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Parker Flats lower bath

Lots of talk lately about being Green and THE environment. But what about YOUR environment?
Yes the environment in your house.
Now that we live in a brand new place we didn't want to introduce any more chemicals into our home than the construction had already done.
There's been a concern lately over VOCs or volatile organic compounds which most paints give off causing headaches and other health concerns.
With that in mind and wanting to paint our bathroom we headed for Park+Vine to buy and try out a relativity new product Mythic Paint.
Parker Flats lower bath
Parker Flats lower bath
Parker Flats lower bath
Parker Flats lower bath

Dan is super knowledgeable and helpful so he's the go-to guy for any Green questions you may have, and he hooked us up with a gallon of red Mythic paint.
This stuff goes on easy and covers very well, it had a very slight oder, barely noticeable, reminded me some of the paint I used in art class in elementary school.
Also cleaned up easily with soap and water.
Can't get over how good it turned out and would definitely recommend it to anyone, this would be perfect for painting the nursery or any room in your home for that matter.
Enjoy and tell Dan I sent you.
Parker Flats lower bathParker Flats lower bathSherilyn Finn
[where:353 w 4th st cincinnati ohio 45202]
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  1. Cool...can't wait to check out the new look this Saturday.

  2. Wow -- I love that color!

    I had no idea Park + Vine sold paint!

  3. How about the cigar and the noise pollution from your on-deck tv :-)

    David from up the street