Guns and Chickens @Fringe

Guns and Chickens set on a minimalist stage and starting out with, what? interpretative dance?
Not sure.
It was interesting and set the story up, a farm is wiped out by a tornado, the last chicken runs away and the farmer's son, Peter strikes out to make his fortune.

Finge Festival

What did it all mean? My take is the farmer and the bartender represent the older generation who believe hard work is the only way to success, Peter and his friends the younger generation who want to take the shortcut to success and become poorer and poorer for it, and the chicken, the disruptive new class who challenge and question everything.
For chicken set it right up at the beginning,
"in chicken mythology there is no chicken crossing the road, or even any roads for that matter"
So she shouldn't be judged by any preconceptions we have of her.
I really liked this one, get to the Know next week, theres two more showings[where: 45202]cincinnati ohio otr know theater jackson street underground fringe festival


  1. and chicken little was right, the sky IS falling

    the farmhouse wiped out by a tornado is a metaphor for "The Wizard of Oz"

  2. I didn't get that, I took it as a metaphor for the housing bubble bursting.