Parker Flats Friday

The last warm days of the season?
It could be but whatever the week has been brilliant so it almost feels like fall going out with a bang doesn't it?
I'll miss sitting out on the deck with a beer and a cigar, shouting at cars blasting by at 4mph that if they lived downtown they could be home already.
Wednesday, four more accidents, 4 more hours of cars backed up outside but hey, its always worked before, so rather than change, which is scary as shit, lets keep doing the safe thing, the easy thing, which just happens to be sitting in stop and go traffic forever.

Parker Flats Oct 20 2009
Parker Flats Oct 20 2009
Parker Flats Oct 20 2009
Eat yer hearts out succas
Parker Flats Oct 20 2009[where:353 w4th st cincinnati ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown coast-usa streetcar Cincinnati Issue 9

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  1. 5chw4r7z, I would just like to add a comment about public transit. I moved to Chicago 3 years ago and lived right in the heart of the city. No car. Bus and L got me everywhere. Public transit is not the pretty picture you make it out to be, but it is also a vital part of a city. The buses in Chicago can be packed so full they don't even stop. Alot of times you just happened to miss the 3 buses and have a 45 minute wait in the dead of winter. Even with our bus tracker program it's sometimes a toss up if the bus will arrive. The hours are different for all lines so if you're on a new line you better have planned ahead. The L is the homeless shelter after 9pm. It was still a great way to get around, but just like being stuck in traffic for two hours, waiting 45 minutes for a bus is hell. I hope the CAVE people lose this round and real transit options make it to Cincinnati. I also just wanted to provide a counter point. Thanks!