No on #9 in Cincinnati

In case you are confused, and this issue is confusing, the passage of Issue9 will prevent spending "any monies (Chris Finney who wrote the amendment says any means any) on any passenger rail" in the city of Cincinnati without a vote.

I have to say pass or fail, one good thing has come out of the Issue 9 debate, conversation and soul searching as to why I believe what I believe. I’ve been forced to confront assumptions and investigate claims made by both sides.
After all that the glaring difference between the two camps still amazes me. The opponents of Issue 9, Cincinnatians for Progress are full of hope and optimism about the future of Cincinnati focusing on the good that connecting all of the cities assets with rail will spur.
Meanwhile the pro camp, the lawyers from Anderson Township focus on fear and confusion. They have no vision, no plans and are apparently against everything calling the leaders WE elected totalitarian, never mind the fact referendums are the preferred tool of despots, fascists and what the Enquirer calls 'mobocracy' and have rendered California a dysfunctional state.
Please, pro or con, look into what you believe and why before voting.
Parker Flats Oct 20 2009
All that said I was highly surprised to see the Cincinnati Tea Party only endorses Issue #9 out of principal.
“we are not endorsing it without some reservations”
They endorse 9 because “We understand the pressure that local governments must feel to drink from the federal trough” and they're against that.
Seems to me they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. But its not the wall of negativity we’re seen from the CAVE* men.

*Citizens Against Virtually Everything[where: 45202]
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  1. have there been any polls on this issue? just curious where voters are leaning.

    everyone i know is against issue 9. but, i obviously don't know everyone in the city.

  2. i'd love to see some sort of poll. maybe the enquirer could run one? also, i'll be posting something about a "nein on nine" rally to be held at grammer's on saturday. i'd love to have some of my fellow bloggers publicizing it if possible ;)

  3. (always enjoy the photos in your blog)

    talking with Rob Richardson the other day and current polls show only 35% support for the streetcar... so it really becomes an issue of education of the voter and whether they see "e.g. streetcar or trolley" and get decieved.

    no direct polling on issue 9 that i know of though.

  4. I don't know who Rob Richardson is, but from what I've heart that the race is almost a dead heat now up from 35% in August, The opponents of 9 pro-progress have the momentum right now, the anti-progress CAVE men gave it their best shot months ago and are recycling old tired arguments that don't hold water.

  5. Great post 5chw4r7z. You summed everything up great.

  6. i think it's interesting that everyone is saying the race is neck and neck but nobody can cite an official (or unofficial) poll.

  7. I can but I'd have to kill you and myself

  8. 5chw4r7z,
    When I first met you, you said you couldn't write, so you just posted pictures...

    But since then, you have developed a voice. Seems if there is something that you really find compelling, the words come out very good!

  9. I can't wait to ride the train to Cleveland.