Forward vs. Backward

A comment from citykin left on my blog;
People think the future is going to be just like today, just repeated. But this city can go in many different directions. I'm an optimist, that is why Cincy is relevant to me.

Made me think about the pro Issue 9 people calling us progressors and in their vocabulary turning progress into a dirty word.

These two opposing points of view speak volumes to me, the people who look forward to and embrace change, and the people looking backwards so hard they fear turning because they may trip.

Elected leaders hijacking the system and pushing expensive, forward looking projects?
Didn't you notice we've turned over city council jettisoning everyone opposed to progress?
OH, you're still looking backwards at all the failed council people we got rid of aren't you?
Explains the fascination with Smitherman.

Now a silly video about taking your ball and going home.

[where: 45202]
P.S. vote early and often, I'm voting provisional this week downtown, and in Hyde Park at 3036 Zumstein Ave. on election day.cincinnati ohio downtown coast-usa streetcar Cincinnati Issue 9


  1. Exactly. This is a battle between people who think Cincinnati can make itself into a better city, and people who frankly don't care about improving a damn thing. Anyone who cares about improving our city sees that Issue 9 is bad in many ways.

    Don't stop progress in our city - Vote No on 9.

  2. Got my husband on the No on 9 thanks to you and Julie although he thinks that light rail will never work and the streetcars would only be used by a certain group for free transportation since it doesn't really go anywhere. Opinions from you?

  3. I keep hearing rail won't in Cincinnati. Why is Cincy the singular place in the whole world where development won't follow?

    As for not going anywhere, if you don't count The Banks, Great American BallPark,the Mercantile Library, Fountain Square,The Aronoff and the backstage district, the Gateway Quarter, Washington Park, Music Hall and Finlay Market, then yes it doesn't really go anywhere.

  4. Oh, I forgot the busiest library in the country.