nothing to do. there is never nothing to do

Carew Tower

After walking all over UC checking the place out to potentially apply for college, no one was really up for anything so what to do?
Yep, the default mainstay always something exciting happening Fountain Square. Ice cream and live music, how do you beat that?

I think a pixel died in my camera sensor, you can't see that spot on the lens or darker pictures ;-(
fountain square

The Newbies had pulled out all the stops and had a full string section accompaniment.
fountain square
fountain square
fountain square
fountain squarefountain square
[where:520 vine st. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202]cincinnati ohio downtown fountain square mpmf music alternative

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  1. Dirt in or on the lens, or on the sensor in the camera. If its a point and shoot and on the inside your screwed.