saving the world one tweet at a time

We have these "mini tweetups" once a month or so schedules permitting, and we do just what you do.
Talk about twitter changing the world.
Well that and how crazy it is trying to juggle a social life in go-go hustle Cincinnati.
We'll stop living like rock-stars one day and when we do we'll move somewhere more laid back.
Manhattan perhaps?
@tcallinan, @kate_the_great, @veganjacob, @distortedgirl and also @winemedineme. As @tcallinan put it, this is the biggest minitweetup ever.

Newport KY
Newport KY

Mansion Hill Tavern? So not a mansion and not a hill, any preconceptions of haughty waiters goes out the window, along with worries of pouty Indian Hill's girls stealing our table.
Although others have more of a problem with this than I do as the last time it happened they clutched my Moo Card like Rothenberger clutching the ball while facing down a Raven's pass rush.

When I think about this, I'm totally fascinated, consider;
for less than $5,
These cigars were hand rolled in the Honduras
shipped to somewhere in the US, probably Miami
bought by a distributor and sold to a small shop in Wilmington, NC
Purchased by me and brought back to Cincinnati
just so the smoke drift into @winemedineme's face
Is that just insane or what?
I'm sure she thinks so.
Newport KY

Off for some German beer and food.
Newport KY
Newport KY

walk stagger back to car at end of evening
Newport KY[where:newport, ky]
cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. aw man, and here i thought our pecha kucha tweetup would hold the record.

    you do realize what this means, right? an official cinci tweetup is in order.