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Purple Trout
Purple Trout

It would be hard working next door to an ice cream shop, don't know how these guys at Purpletrout do it everyday.
How do you resist the irresistible?
But I really wanted to check out the art that Distortedgirl sold, her first one!
I've been telling her forever she has some mad talent, she could totally make a go of it.
Big congrats, it looks awesome.

Purple Trout

So half joking, half serious, I kidded veganjacob, lamenting the fortunes of the poor independent family Google farmers and what their fate would be with all these new seo companies springing up.
I mean where's the love, the corn and soybean farmers get subsidies and all kinds of market manipulation. Where's the love for the lowly Google farmer Mr. Obama?
Is Google farming ethical? I say, hey! what about the ethics of pig and chicken farming? Yeah, the Google farms look kind of benign now in that context don't they?
The new economy and was created and formed by the early pioneering Google farmers striking out on their own, 28k modems in tow, and now what? Is their fate to be gobbled up by huge multi-nationals?
I guess we'll see.

Purple Trout[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown


  1. awwwww. thanks for the props schwartz!! good to see u and e.m. last night :)

  2. Bob, where is that home (first pic) located. Nice.

  3. The Purple trout office, right next to Graeters on Monmouth, Newport.