one is always the beginning. except this One is the end

I hope I don't offend any friends saying this, but I think they know it, One is getting tired and they stuck a fork in it, its done.

One & Pecha Kucha
One & Pecha Kucha

BUT since I was there I really wanted to check out Pecha Kucha, which I've heard tons about but have never been motivated enough to check out.I thought it was going to be all educational all the time and it was that, that and more.
Don't ask me how to pronounce Pecha Kucha, I'm lucky I can speak English.
One & Pecha Kucha

Isn't it awesome when you head somewhere expecting one thing, but something else entirely happens, something that inspires you, makes you think and just plain entertains?
I thought it was interesting how each person interpreted how to present in different ways and pulled off one, two and sometimes all three of the previously mentioned things.
After the excellent linear presentations of the first 3 guys, Mary Southworth got up and belted out some of the most beautiful vocals, I was gobsmacked, it never would have occurred to me to come out with something totally different like that.
Awesome, I was hooked on Pecha Kucha after that.
One & Pecha Kucha

@grrleigh funny, I've looked at that username a million times and tonight I said it outloud and surprised myself.
girly! DUH!
Anyhow, she had 20 slides of 80's advertisements, I rarely look at ads much less think about what they mean, but Leigh did a humorous, insightful and as she put it "slightly bitchy" look at the magazine ads.
One & Pecha Kucha

Standing around afterwards talking to Greg Lewis who put it all together I realized the projector was still shinning, and as a matter of fact shinning in my eyes.
Of course what do I do?
One & Pecha Kucha

He askes, hey do you have 20 self portraits?
?? I must have 200 at least.
Awesome says he, do a Pecha Kucha!
You know what? I'm going to.

watch the road guy
One & Pecha Kucha
[where:953 Eden Park Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 ]
cincinnati ohio downtown
4 kucha


  1. pecha kucha is so awesome. there's a pretty healthy following in cbus. you should come on the 14th. they're doing it outside around 8pm at junction studios. byob. it's going to be cool.

  2. Yo...let me know when you plan on doing that and i'll try and come down for it. it sounds really cool.

  3. thanks for the shoutout, yo! pseudo-feminist puns just happen to be my specialty.

    it was so nice to finally meet you, and you absolutely MUST do a PK presentation next time!

  4. "He askes [sic], hey do you have 20 self portraits?"
    "?? I must have 200 at least."

    'nuff said.