deja vu all over again

a breezy evening on Fountain Square for the t-shirt festival leading up to the Indie Summer Music concert, that I totally missed by the way but I see Dan and he mentioned he saw Park+Vine getting name dropped on twitter a bunch the other day and what was up with that? Well right before that I had captured this video, then never turned the phone off.

So I told him how, on twitter there were a group of people trying to make the case for a casino downtown, now, I'm passionate about Cincinnati to say the least.
much arm waving ensues.
iPhone Pics

I mean, have you looked a google earth shot of any casino outside Vegas? Its a wasteland. People drive into the casino, spend their money and leave. That's it.
So they say what else will bring people to Cincy?
Ha! did you see the NYTimes today?
More exaggerated arm waving...
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Whats the purpose of attracting people to Cincy for a casino, if 30% goes to the state and the rest flies back to where ever the hell the owner is? They might as well of gone straight to Vegas and bypassed us.
If they spend the money instead somewhere local like say Park+Vine, 100% money stays right here in Cincinnati.They get busy and hire help,(which actually happened by the way) creating even more wealth that stays right here.
And so on.
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More arm waving and streetcar and bike talk...
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but what makes it all worth it, the best follow friday I've gotten.
thanks guys for putting up with me when that unfollow button is so tempting.
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