i ain't worried

Is that the tipping point, when you start feeling comfortable in a hat you're getting old?
not sure if I care, I'm styln and rockn my inner Clark Kent with this hat.
We're heading to an outdoor wedding on Lake Erie, not even looking for a hat and saw this and it popped.
No burned head for me this weekend.
But here's an interesting development, crowd sourced fashion advice, I already knew I wanted it but sometimes I don't have the self confidence I should. A quick twitter picture and everyone came back with a resounding yes!
And this isn't a fluke either, a couple weeks ago, while buying a suit, a salesman was talking a tweep into pleated pants, this guys a twenty-something and asked advice, two other women and I told him NO, whatya crazy?
Saving the Cincinnati fashion scene one tweet at a time.

new hat. and suit
new hat. and suit
new hat. and suit

no, no,no as exciting as it sound I don't think I'm cut out for modeling, I'm just going to hang around here and be a boring old guy.
new hat. and suit
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