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One of the biggest(but not the only) influences on me blogger wise has been Raymi.
I've never met her, maybe one day.
She was the second blogger I read regularly and when I started blogging, I just copied her unashamedly.
She's had an interview with an online mag and this exept struck me, talking about sticking your neck out.

when you feel insecure about something you are doing, ... that vulnerability means that you are doing the right thing and when you watch that... the part when you started second-guessing ... that is likely the best part ... same goes for writing and photos of yourself. go the extra distance, it pays off.

She's not the only one of course, there's another blogger, who I actually did meet and has always always pushed and pushed me out of my comfort zone.
So to everyone who asks, do you ever feel weird talking pictures in restaurants.
Aren't you a little full of yourself, talking pictures of yourself all the time?

Actually, I'm probably tons more insecure than you are, but I'm growing and discovering things that I otherwise wouldn't have.
get your ash downtown

And one of those things is, I'm probably tons more egotistical than you are.[where: 45202]
cincinnati ohio downtown

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