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Somehow, 5chw4r7z has become an unofficial clearing house of what little information there is out there for Fox Alpha Films and j8ded.
This is the second most viewed photo I have on flickr,

Fox Alpha Films

I get emails and comments from people all the time looking for information on the upcoming movie.
And now, Michael Daemon has left this comment on my blog
Hello Mr. Schwartz,

A member of our crew had sent me this link via email and normally I don't respond to blogs, but out of courtesy to you (thank you for your post last year), I will make a comment:
J8DED Pictures(formerly Foxalpha Films) is now in post production on our project that filmed in Cincinnati Ohio in 2008. We will begin advertisement of this project shortly and details of the project will be revealed. We are very excited about what we accomplished and all at J8DED Pictures are thankful to The City of Cincinnati Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Dayton Ohio, and The Greater Cincinnati area.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Cincinnati and we look forward to continued filming in the region.
We think that the people of Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky will be very proud of how we have portrayed the cities and the communities.

Thank You Mr. Schwartz

Michael Daemon
J8DED Pictures

Some parts of the letter were omitted for brevity, If you'd like you can read the whole comment here.

So Mr Daemon, how about some tickets to the premiere? I promise it will be twittered and blogged.
I always wanted to go to one of those.
PLEEEEEEZE?[where:cincinnati, ohio 45202]


  1. So, why doesn't he normally respond to blogs? Why does he have to be a blog snob?

  2. Blog snob, thats awesome.
    But I sure he's a busy guys, thats why.
    Their marketing department should be responding to blogs, but if its a small show, he's probably is the marketing department.

  3. Great information...although I kind of like the mysterious nature of Fox Alpha Films and J8DED. If/when you go to the premier, be sure to use code language and drop subtle hints about your whereabouts.

  4. Hello Mr. 5chw4r7z!,
    We, in fact, do have a marketing department that will be handling promotion. I blogged to you because you were the first person to notice we were in town filming and in respect to you, I personally made a comment and am making another comment.

    Blog Snob is actually really funny!!!!! It actually sounds like an illness,'Sorry I can't come to work today I don't feel well, I have Blog Snob' :-) Funny! I am going to use that one!!

    We haven't been too mysterious, we purposefully kept a low profile for insurance reasons while filming as it is exorbitantly expensive to insure a year long filming project and there are many scenes that were on private locations. When we do the premiere in Cincinnati, we will make an announcement. We will use codes hints though! That might be an underground club where you have to go to a bunch of different places to finally get the password and location! We will indeed let everyone know though! :-)

    I would like you to personally come to the premiere as a J8DED Pictures guest.
    We have been extremely busy and the marketing department does indeed respond to blogs and they make statements and comments when necessary.
    Trust me, I don't have the time to be a marketing department. I am however, enjoying blogging in your blog, so tickets, you got 'em!!

    Steven./ Cinci. Enq.:
    I am on a roll so here goes:

    First and foremost, If you want an actual follow up interview, you should contact J8DED Pictures directly as you have already ran a piece in your paper during the Fountain Square shoot last year. I am sure your company has the contact information. I will however, answer your remarks in order:

    1. How would you even know if this was a failure? Unless you have been sitting in on any meetings or have a job at a major network, you have no idea as to what deal or deals have been struck.

    2. The web page is on standby for a reason. See answer #1.

    3. The countdown was set prior to business decisions which I can't comment on at this juncture.

    4. You would either need to do more research or contact J8DED Pictures for a proper follow up interview. The Interviewer from The Cincinnati Enquirer was very nice and I would be more than happy to sit down and talk.

    5. Wow! You make some amazingly narrow and shortsighted assumptions, and to comment on business conduct and lack of understanding of basic business concepts assumes that you know what is happening with this project. You do not know what our business dealings are as there has not been an official statement made yet, and when the timing is right, that statement will be made publicly.

    Also,if you were aware of our time frame for release, then you would not state that J8DED Pictures should have started an advertising campaign much much earlier.

    Steven, it seems as if you are being adversarial in some of your remarks. I have no quarrel with you nor do I think that a negative line of questioning is even remotely beneficial to a possible benefit to Cincinnati. If it does not succeed, then quite a few individuals will be affected by this and we sure hope that is not the case.
    As you know, our business is a hit and miss business and we have all seen 300 million dollar movies that did not perform as expected. OUCH! It hurts everyone involved when that happens and peoples lives are directly affected by those circumstances.

    We keep our fingers crossed that our project becomes one of the successful ventures, and hope that nothing changes at the 23rd hour...something I am sure you are familiar with when dealing with deadlines.

    We are truly thankful that we are still in business given the economy at the moment and we are very excited about what we are accomplishing.
    I hope that The Cincinnati Community will support what we have done and we at J8DED Pictures are very proud of what we have done and we have made many friends in the Tri-State area.

    Phew!!!!! I think I should change my name to 'Blog-Snob' Ha Ha!

    Thanks again Mr. Scwartz!!!!


  5. my best friend is in this picure and I will be rooting for him, Terry Roland a fellow Brit. Go Blighty!

  6. Cool, any word on when its coming out?

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