the lady of the water on Fountain Square

The Northside was rockin'
Yeah baby with Jake Speed and the Freddies, kickin it.
I had never seen a whole set from them, a song here and there at festivals and stuff. I was amazed, I don't know why, all the songs were about Cincinnati, sweet.
Went there by myself, I thought for sure I'd run into a dozen people I knew, I did run into a few but as brodi3man would say, "this isn't downtown, not everyone knows who you are"

Jake Speed & The Freddies

Icy cold Stone IPA draft beer. Does draft beer taste a little better at the Northside Tavern than anywhere else?

Jake Speed & The FreddiesJake Speed & The Freddies

love this song, one of my favorite ladies downtown.

[where:4163 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45223]cincinnati ohio northside tavern beer music


  1. The Freddies are always a good time. They do play in OTR, so maybe we can convince Kate to hold one of the future OTRTweetups at a venue where they are playing.