Killing the Game

At AVSArt last Friday, we met up with a bunch of friends at Andrews and marveled at the art. I had met Sez before but he introduced me to Gamble, the two of whom if you've been paying attention have done a bunch of stuff around town.
Loved Matthew Dayler's skateboards that he collaborated on with Danny Babcock.
And Tony Frisell's mixed media compositions were incredible.

Killing the GameKilling the GameKilling the GameKilling the Game

I flipped when I saw this one, awesome, I love that Gamble shows the same hubris for his art that I do for mine.
Mathew's series of I <3's are pretty sweet.

Killing the GameKilling the Game
Killing the Game
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  1. Love the artwork third photo down. Especially the piece in the middle. So where is this AVSART of which you write??? I rarely get much beyond the hospital and the Ludlow IGA--only slightly kidding:>)

  2. Tony Frisel, he doesn't have a website unfortunately.
    AVSArt is on West 4th, between Plum and Central.