Valentines Day recap

If downtown makes any sense at all, it always makes the most sense on Holidays, even made up Halmark Holidays. Ms. 5chw4r7z loves Valentines Day so who am I to deny her some simple pleasure one day a year, don't fight it guys just go with it.
People skating, everyone walking around dressed up.
Special occasions are just a little more special.
Palomino's food is still excellent, but man the service sucked Saturday.
The fact that it was packed is even less of an excuse, so don't want to hear it.


We sit down, and before we even have a chance to do anything else I look over and a whole table of people are staring at us, I know but honest, we hadn't even done anything weird yet. I look away and look back and they're all smiling and talking rapidly still staring.
They could have at least come over and said hi.
When sharing food, watch for randon drips into your glass.

[where:fountain square plaza cincinnati, ohio 45202]
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  1. Wait, I thought the service has always sucked at Palamino's, which is why they are always hiring - a lot of turnover, which says more about the management than the servers. I think their saving grace is the location ...and the food of course.

    my 2c, from afar.

  2. You could be right, we eat there once or twice a year, so my memory is sketchy.
    Oh, and their beer selection is not bad either.

  3. pfft. Palomino beer selection does not have anything on Dilly Deli or Tellers. You should come with us some time. I think that your ice pirates comment won David over.