activating public places

Parklets, this is going to be a word you hear more and more in coming years. A parklet is another creative placemaking tool for activating unused or underused places. A parklet is a sidewalk extension that provides more space and amenities for people using the street. The idea being, is car storage the best use for space, or would opening the space up for people be a better use. We have already proven that people attract people. It doesn't take much to change a street, a block or a neighborhood. But things must change for change to happen.
On a recent Saturday I saw a couple families sitting and having a late lunch at the brand new parklet on Pleasant St. It provides a couple tables, bench seating and shade. The parklet is located a block and a half south of Findlay Market and a couple blocks north of Washington Park. The long term goal is for Pleasant St. to be a more visable connector between Findlay and Washington Park. A couple more parklets, continued development on the street and traffic calming on Liberty will surely do the trick.
Pleasant St parklet
Pleasant St parklet
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