"people rely on the kindness of others, not for anything material but for moral support" ~ anonymous

This gentleman rode up to me all Emmet Kelly like on a cold grey Saturday morning.
I asked him what was up. He starts talking about how he used to sing in Hyde Square Park, ten years he tells me with no problems.
But someone he would only call a Hyde Park business man told him to quit doing it.
No idea why but it seems to have crushed his self confidence.
Man, I told him, you can't listen to people, especially uptight Hyde Park business owners.
It doesn't matter if you are brilliant or suck as long as you mean it.
He seemed reasured by that.
Asked me if I knew Tina. Hmmm, maybe, maybe not.
He met her last night at an OTR bar and promised to meet her at noon in Piatt Park.
What happens at noon in Piatt Park he asked?
Well a group loosely affiliated with OWS used to meet there on Saturdays and maybe they still do.
Thanks he said, hopped on his bike and pedaled away.


I hope he finds Tina.
UPDATE:Just ran into Millington, not Wellington. He never did find Tina.
Sad story.
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  1. He sure did like to talk. He was looking for Tina when I met him, shortly after you.