Vision Zero? how about Zero Vision

What does NYC Mayor de Blasio Vision Zero plan have to do with Cincinnati?
Absolutely nothing. Except to highlight the fact that NYC's mayor has plans and vision.
What can Cincinnati's new mayor do beside oppose? Based on his campaign and short time in office the answer is clearly nothing.
When you have no vision everything looks like a bad idea.
Case in point the newest wrinkle in the Pogues Garage/Paragon saga.
“I’m not going to support another dollar,” the mayor said in an interview on Monday. “I think the deal was too rich when it was struck. I think it’s time that we start prioritizing neighborhoods.”
Ah, the "neighborhoods" which is starting to sound strangely reminiscent of Tea Partiers screaming small government when they don't have a good reason to oppose an issue.
The mayor wants to give up $400,000 a year in income tax from the apartment residents and instead sell bonds to fix a crumbling garage.
This is his MO, give up revenue wherever possible and instead sell bonds.
The mayor also said; "I can't remember a project ever having a higher per-unit subsidy"
A facebook friend pointed out something interesting,
the mayors vinyl sided Incline Square development was awarded 750k by city council.
In return for the cities investment, it got a restaurant and 15 apartments.
Subsidization per apartment: 50k.
4th and Race- Requesting a 12 million dollar subsidy.
In return, 300 apartments, garage, grocery store.
Subsidization per apartment: 40k.
John Cranley must have a really short memory.
What did we do to deserve this guy?
I'll tell you what we did, we didn't vote.

By all means lets spend taxpayer money on this POS.
Pogue garage
Pogue garage
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  1. "What did we do to deserve this guy?"
    Seems like his election was an outcome of the Cincy Streetcar project

    1. So the theory is no one downtown or OTR voted because of the streetcar? Could be, people in the core thought it was slam dunk and didn't show up. But still, the lowest voter turnout in a longtime doesn't strike me as an energized vote.
      Hell PG got more votes than the mayor did.

    2. The theory is low turnout downton and OTR and high turnout in the suburbs caused the result. Sounds plausable, so let's consult a map of turnout.
      Turnout was above average in Downtown and OTR, so they were over-represented ...I voted. Turnout was pretty low in the Western suburbs. I don't think there's much evidence to say that the people who didn't vote would have voted differently than those who did vote... and extremely unlikely they would have swung the election, given the margin of victory.

    3. The fact that PG got more votes than the mayor must--by Cranley's definition--constitute a mandate, thus invalidating all of Cranley's platform....or at least the ones opposed by Sittenfeld. Right?

    4. Wow, I would have never guessed 11% turnout downtown was an uptick. But it still seems to me 226 votes cast out of 1113 in ward 16 where I vote is pretty dismal.

    5. Cincinnati Blog crunched some numbers & revealed under 44 yr olds were outvoted by over 44 yr olds about 2-1
      Duuno what the difference would have been if the yunguns had showed up.