its Uber

We're not line standers.
We don't go with the flow.
When people zig we zag.
And thats how we found ourselves at the Uber launch party held at Igby's while everyone else crammed into the "best" party.
The thing about a small intimate party of course is there are no lines for drinks and you can talk to everyone you want to talk to. And one of the people I talked to was Meggie Brennan who is Uber's Community Manger for the entire US. She's like the Alex Shebar of Uber.
Except better smelling.
And since I had her ear I thought of a conversation I had with Randy at UrbanCincy over who owned the cars, Uber or the drives. I found out that Uber definitely does not own the vehicles.
Meggie also told me they have around 50 cars running in Cincinnati and are looking to expand. That should give some comfort to the complaints that there is never a car available.
Oh, don't need a fancy black car? Try uberX
uberX includes ride sharing, with prices up to 30% cheaper than a taxi. Drivers on uberX have mid-range or hybrid vehicles in a variety of styles, with seating for up to four people.
Other than that it was the usual product launch, free flowing drinks, a presentation, more free flowing drinks followed by a quick Uber ride home.
Happy Uber-ing and remember to use promo code 69x0p for a $20 credit off your first ride.
Uber launch Party
Uber launch Party
Uber launch Party
Uber launch Party
Uber launch Party
Uber launch Party
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