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Uber opened in Cincinnati this past Monday to a bunch of social media fanfare. Uber is going to change everything! Now I have to admit, I never take a cab unless I'm really desperate because, well they suck. There isn't one single thing about a cab experience that is enjoyable. Every time I've used a cab I always felt I was getting ripped off.
So all this talk of Uber changing things had me thinking of the upwardly mobile feeling supercilious because they were getting out of a town car instead of a cab.
But you know what? This is going to sound dumb because techies keep talking about the gamification of everything. Uber is pretty damn cool. The Uber app shows a map of where all their cars are at that moment, plus text messaging updates. And when your trip is over you get a info-graph with all the details including the driver leaving nothing in doubt.
Last night I needed to get to Music Hall so I opened the app and there were cars available. I clicked the link to set a pickup spot and watched on the map as the car got closer. I walked out the front door as it pulled up and I jumped in. The car turned out to be a black Suburban, nice and roomy. When it pulled up to Music Hall I jumped out closed the door and walked away without a glance back. I can't lie, that was a show stopper and it felt pretty cool when everyone turned around to look. Uber could get addictive.
The downside, everyone says its competitive with a cab, but damn, cabs must be expensive. I wish I was in a better income tax bracket and could actually afford to use Uber.
Uber is giving everyone who signs up five free rides during the first two weeks of operation. After that use promo code 69x0p to get $20 off your next ride.
Uber[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati
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  1. Thanks for sharing the code! Music Hall last night... were you at the Talbert House thing, and if so, did you see KIND bars? :)

  2. yes and yes!
    Not ashamed to say I grabbed a double handful of bars.
    Thanks Kind.