when did you stop beating your wife?

Right around 0:25, and what the hell?
OK John a few things here, its not guilt by association, the question is why does coast and the Clermont County Tea Party, a hate group that dislikes Cincinnati and everything it stands for, why do they like you and hate Roxanne Qualls? That is the root of the question.

And the claim that the majority of people are against the streetcar? OK if you include everyone in Hamilton County you could be correct. BUT, if you look at things that can be quantified, things like say, elections and turnouts at Council meetings then the only conclusion you can come to is that Cincinnatians overwhelmingly favor the streetcar.

Did you hear Kansas City mayor Sylvester James is in town, and he said he'd be more than happy to use our streetcar money if we don't build ours. Interesting, I thought Roxanne's opponent pledged to use that money for other purposes. But then we all know that aintgonnahappen.com

One more thing, when did you stop beating your wife? That's what you thought of when asked about the Tea Party?
Who does that statement say more about. Roxanne's opponent or the Tea Party?

UPDATE: In the comments Joe feels I should try and understand the coasters, I understand them completely, exhibit 1 pulled from facebook.
And I notice they are continuing their tradition of not being able to spell.
hate speech from the Cincy Tea Party
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  1. fww - It might be fun to believe people who disagree with your policy preferences are just members of "a hate group that dislikes Cincinnati" but if you don't take the time to understand other points of view, you're going to have a difficult time convincing anyone who doesn't already agree with you.

    1. Lets see the coasters attack Chris Seelbach for being gay. And they have been attacking Yvette Simpson with racist pictures on their facebook page. They also wrote Article XII of the city charter which was an anti-gay law.
      That's the very definition of a hate group.
      So yes, I definitely disagree with them and anyone else that promotes hate.

    2. Fair enough, I'm not familiar with said attacks.

      One point though: Julie Cimini (whoever that is)'s FB post is clearly indefensible and racist. I imagine if you looked through various pro-Streetcar people's pages you'd find some indefensible stuff as well. But the streetcar is not really a racial issue (although, isn't the local NAACP opposed to it?) nor is support correlated with race or sexual orientation (as far as I can tell). If you want to have a rational discussion of transportation policy, it's not clear that you should let your opinions be dominated by random offensive Facebook posts.

      It makes more sense to discuss the merits of the project and the relative value of it vs alternate uses of the money. That's roughly what Cranley is doing. If you ever talked to someone who opposed the project, that's likely what they'd say. Saying that people who don't support the Streetcar hate Cincinnati is a pretty nasty tactic, similar to those who say their opponents hate America. It's also stiffing to reasonable debate.

    3. Smitherman is against it former NAACP leaders and the national NAACP have endorsed it
      And you're more than welcome to show me the streetcar supporters who are racist.
      The merits of the project have been discussed at length, I'm not attacking Cranley just because he is against the streetcar, he is against everything that makes a city a city.

    4. If I may jump in:

      The "reasonable debate" on the streetcar took place in 2007-2008. The opponents lost, and waged personal attacks from 2009-2011. They lost again, repeatedly, and Phase I broke ground in February 2012.

      True opponents had valid concerns, but the fact remains that when Cranley says he can cancel the project and only lose a "few million dollars" it is pure falsehood. It ignores the facts that he can't act without Council, that 90% of the project has been paid for, that contractors would sue, bondholders would come after the city, the Feds would come back for their $45mm, and Cincinnati would lose all credibility when competing for future projects (including Brent Spence, I-71 MLK interchange, and road projects).

      A request for a reasoned discussion on Phase 2 is, well, reasonable. But for some reason the discussion is still, "How do we kill Phase 1 even though it was supported by Council unanimously in April 2008, survived two referendums, two Council elections, a number of Council votes, various lawsuit threats, and yet has still been moving forward all this time?"

      The clear answer: it's too late. You can't.

      (By the way, interesting factoid: John Cranley was one of the "yes" votes on that April 2008 motion approving streetcar funding.)