a political Forrest Gump

This story labels the anti-city hate group coast "a political group that fights tax increases for schools" keeping city kids from getting the education they deserve. And Roxanne's opponent, a guy who claims to be for the poor in the city, look what he has to say in the comments.

Cranley For Cranley: I would like to recognize, and thank, COAST for all the good they do for our community, and I am grateful to have their support in this upcoming election.

The city has one full time attorney fighting this group's many anti-city frivolous lawsuits.
Its funny how they talk about "the taxpayers wouldn’t have to foot the bill." when they claim to file all these lawsuits on the taxpayers behalf.

Lets see what other fuzzy tea party math Roxanne Qualls' opponent uses, cutting $700,00 from city travel that has $243,00 budgeted currently? OOPS!!
Cut city software licenses by $1 million. Oh yeah, Microsoft patent lawyers must be loving that.
Oh and for all his anti-parking lease rhetoric, this is the third proposed budget in a row that John no-planley has called for increase parking fees and higher enforcement. No one will notice until after the election, right?

Am I the only person sick to the stomach and worried about Cincinnati's future with a guy like him and his anti-city buddies running around?

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  1. Your comments are right on point. Would you be willing to share your comments with the local media? If you do, hopefully they will publish them. I am equally concerned for the future of Cincinnati and firmly believe Cranley will destroy the current positive momentum the city is experiencing. There is no doubt in my mind Cranley will set the city back at least 30 years to another era of stagnation from which Cincinnati most likely will never recover.