the culture of no

I'm running on two issues
I'm running on two issues
I'm running on two issues

That's what Roxanne Qualls' opponent keeps saying. And he is opposed to both of them.
Yesterday the local "newspaper" did a good job a listing all Roxanne's strengths and what she's done for the city. Then they listed all her opponents weaknesses with a long string of what he needs to do to correct them. Including way too many ifs.
Then they endorsed her opponent after making a case why she should be the next mayor.
But then this is the same paper that endorsed Romney, Mandel, Ghiz, Lippert,McCain, Blackwell, Wenstrup for Mayor and an endless list of other losers.

Don't vote no Nov 5th, vote yes for Roxanne Qualls.

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  1. Remember you can vote early in the election today at the Board of Elections on 824 Broadway. Open till 7:30pm and no lines!