once upon a time in OTR

An incredible single family on Race St.
Single family now, it probably had 20 families back in the day.
1419 Race St #thisisotr #cincinnati #ohio #architecture

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  1. Hey Bob, here is a little bit of history Ann Senefeld pulled up about that house:

  2. Thanks for the mention of our home! My wife and I have had great time learning it's history and renovation.

    FYI, it was built by Charles Mueller, a German immigrant, in 1875 and served as a single family home for the Muellers for almost 45 years. Mr. Mueller also owned and operated an apothecary in the basement of the church at 15th and Race.

  3. Mark!
    My wife and I are super jealous! Waht an awesome place.
    Enjoy that back deck, I would live out there!

  4. I lived one block north of this house as a small child in the late 1940's and early 1950's. We lived at 1520 or 1518 Race, right across from the now demolished Empire Theater. There was a barber shop on the first floor of the building I lived in. I remember the area well. It is nice to see the area changing back to it's old glory.

  5. We will be sure to invite you to our first party!

  6. I was shot in the upper arm in front of your house in the 90's. Good Luck!

  7. glaces at watch, yeah, its 2012