downtown, it ain't for the faint of heart

all kinds of cool stuff going on lately. unfortunately its been overshadowed by the opening of the casino which everyone treats like god reached out from heaven and touched Cincinnati.
the media is falling all over themselves to see who can kiss the casinos ass the hardest and in a way i guess I can't blame them because the casino has to spend advertising money somewhere and no one is about to bite a hand that might feed them.
Meanwhile i'm trying to picture what a night drinking in one of the casino's mall restaurants might be like and I can't shake the fear I'll get cornered by some Eddie Bauer and he'll find out I live downtown. oh great, now here comes the part where he tells me he bought a house with 62 rooms and 50 acres in shitsville Ohio for the same price I paid for my condo. That one never gets old does it? And where the hell do I grocery shop? there ain't a Walmarts for miles (I'm guessing because I could care less about the 10th wonder of the world that is Walmart)
yeah i'm not bitter about it at all

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  1. You can tell him that the value of his house has fallen much more as a percentage than that of your condo. That will shut him up.

  2. Don't be hatin' on Shitsville, Ohio! It's all cyclical -- that's where a lot of the people who now want to live in the city grew up. Your 'hood is probably where Eddie Bauer's kids will end up.

  3. Ha! of course you're right Maya.
    But only their cool kids will want to live here.

  4. Wow dude, way to be a rebel. Hating on WalMart?!?!? How do you stay grounded when you're living so hard on the edge?

  5. naw Spike, I probably just need a hug.