The Golden Lawnchair

Remember the 'nomerati's Golden Lawnchair blogpost back in early October?
It's becoming a real restaurant. Well, a one night popup restaurant for charity at least.
Laura laughed when I told her I wanted to interview her for her upcoming charity event,
The Golden Lawnchair, since she's talked so much about it.
But this is a serious fundraiser for a good cause so I was worried about putting words in her mouth and I wanted to get it right.

Laura, where did the name Golden Lawnchair come from?
Laura: That was just pure inspiration, I was bouncing ideas off Jeff (adorkandhispork) you know, what’s a good name for a dinner that’s trashy/classy, upscale Americana we thought up a bunch of made-up restaurants to try and pull out one that fit. The Golden Lawnchair popped into my head and I thought about it for awhile, and after a day or two I really liked it.

The dinner is sold out, but there are still opportunities for people to participate?
Yes, we have two tickets that will be up for auction, that auction will run up until the night before the event. There will be an after party (also at Mayberry) that is a cash cover open to everybody. If you're at the dinner you have automatic entry to the after party.
There will be live music in the courtyard weather permitting, a cash bar , also the Dojo Gelato package is still available (not any more). That would make an awesome Christmas present. I've committed to 100 hand written thank you notes. There are more packages on the Indigo webpage,
There will also be a raffle with over $1700 in prizes, a bike from the Wrong Brothers, a picnic basket from Local127, Senate will name a dog of the day for you, and lots and lots of gift cards. Tickets will be $5 each.

And you've gotten a good response from everyone so far?
Everyone has been fantastic. Josh's (Mayberry) willingness to do it, every restaurant has been willing to donate something either a perk involving their time or a gift card.

And its all for a good cause right?
When I realized how close the event was to Thanksgiving it was a natural fit, the Freestore Foodbank does so much for people in need already.
I'm really excited about this, we've been planning really heavy for about a month now, there’s a lot of things you have to consider.

Has it been as hard planning as you thought it would be? Or even harder?
Its been intense, I like planning parties but mostly its been the bureaucratic stuff that comes with charities. Making sure we're not violating liquor laws or tax laws, making sure the money goes to the right place.

There is still a Cocktail class hosted by the famous Molly Wellmann and an A Tavola Pizza Lesson up for grabs. All good deals and all for charity. Raffle tickets can be purchased for cash or credit, but please bring cash, every little bit helps.
Visit the The Golden Lawnchair webpage to see the best ways to contribute, purchase perks or admission to the after party and for more information.
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