Obama at University of Cincinnati

Working support yesterday at UC I got an interesting behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on one of these events. Three days of prep from hundreds of employees to pull it off on short notice.
LOL NObama
Bearcat gonna go wild on someone.
start of the line for Obama
Nothing says commitment like a dry erase board
Four more beers!!
working for Uncle Sam
camera crews
One thing that I find fascinating, seeing highlights of the Romney rally it was a sea of old white people behind him in the crowd. At UC Obama attracted thousands of young kids.
Remember in the 60s when that generation said don't trust anyone over 30? Now that they're retiring they don't trust anyone under 30. Obviously what that generation meant was "don't trust anyone but us"
One more point I find amusing, Romney got Kid Rock for the old people and Obama got Mr. Steve Wonder for the young kids. Just a little backwards but I guess the politicians take what they can get.
'Merica people. Four more beers
Obama just shouted "We killed bin Laden" then kicked over a podium
Obama just shouted "We killed Bin Lauden" then kicked over a podium
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  1. I also find it a bit strange that Detroit's own Kid Rock has thrown his support to Romney. Ya know?

  2. Dude, it was on a college campus - of course it was a younger crowd

  3. So there is no one under 50 in West Chester?