Bipo: Music For Your Helmet

UPDATE:Just got this email from Paul via kickstarter.

So, being a mere $22,757 short of our funding goal at the time of this post, I don't think we're quite going to make it. That's ok though! You, our awesome supporters, still have a chance at the first run of Bipos. Some last minute investment has arrived that is taking us to production.
We're still looking at early March to ship. We've setup a Facebook page for you guys to follow our progress, and a store if you'd like to pre-order.
Again, thank you all for your support! We can't wait to bring some great music to your rides!

Bipo - Bike Phones
I had the opportunity to take a set of these Bipo headphone mounts for a test drive around OTR. I don't get super excited about too many things but the Bipo, wow, I had a grin on my face the entire ride.
The music, coming from the helmet mounted ear buds were all in the background. I could hear it fine but it didn't over power traffic, road noise or the sounds the bike was making. Another bonus since the ear buds weren't planted in my ear I wasn't constantly distracted by them getting jerked out or working their way loose.
When first fitting it may take a little experimentation to get the ear buds to hook to your helmet, but once you find the sweet spot they grab the helmet like an Egyptian politician grabbing power.
Heck, the ease of use provided by the Bipo could have the potential to get me to wear my helmet more often than I do now.
That didn't quite work, we tried several different configurations until we got this
What I really love about this product is it is locally designed right here in Cincinnati at The Launch Werks located in OTR. They will also be locally manufactured with all components fabricated in the city, the metal clips in Woodlawn and the silicon strap on the West Side.
Noel needs a commitment on 1,000 of these to make sense economically and sell them for a reasonable price. Unless you just want to be an angel investor and help out with a great idea, that's perfectly cool too.
Check out his kickstarter page for more information.[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati

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