quiet almost too quiet

Saturday, a gray drizzly day, presented an almost empty downtown. I guess I haven't got used to the Reds fans not being around anymore. Or maybe the rain just knocked down the ambient noise making the place appear more empty than it really was. Or it could have been everyone was on Sycamore voting, there was a vibrant, raucous crowd there waiting to vote. I saw an out of town friend back to vote but missed Vivica Fox and Lawrence Fishbourne.

the line at Cincinnati's board of elections went a block to the corner, wrapped around and went the length of that block and disappeared around the corner.
Tour de OTR, the basin is quiet today, I have the place to myself
Not surprisingly Findlay Market saw the same crowds as always, a couple clouds aren't keeping anyone away. I grabbed a dojo espresso and gazed up at the art installation over head.
dojoespresso with their new cups @dojogelato
Findlay Market ~ Cincinnati Constellation
[where: 45202] best place to learn how to live downtown cincinnati ohio the ethos of Cincinnati


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